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Tiffany loved jumping Oaks Volta

Wes was thrilled to watch his prize Oaks Volta happily go around the arena with Tiffany on board. It really does give him a good idea on how Volta is looking from the ground. Tiffany was shocked at first when he suggested she hop on, but within a second or two she was legged up and trotting around.

Tiffany loved jumping Oaks Volta

Of course Wes set up a jump and advised that she trot the first to get a feel for his pop over the jump. “Oh dad he has so much power , I love it dad.” It did not matter where the take off spot was Volta pinged off the ground with pleasure. Giving each pole plenty of room. He jumps becasue he likes to and wants to.

No back boots needed

Tiffany & Oaks Volta jumping at home
Oaks Volta & Tiffany
Oaks Volta & Tiffany

Wes does not use back boots on any of his horses. Many riders use them to enhance the chances of keeping the legs from dragging the top rail. Will be interesting times when the new ruling of NO back boots at all comes into place. Getting closer and will be a new era to watch out for.

Always a Team effort at Lals Haven

Boneo Park monthly is our next show

Team Joyce look forward to this Saturday when we venture off to Boneo with 3 horses. Oaks Volta, LH Johnny & LH Voleta. She is FOR SALE – what a great jumper she is turning out to be. Argentinus / Darco/ Vivant

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