Swan Hill Show success

Swan Hill Show success

Team Joyce enjoyed the lovely scenic drive to Swan Hill from Horsham early Friday morning. The horses loaded well, the packing up of the yards and stables went smoothly to. We stopped along the way in a lovely town named Donald to fuel up and grab a bite to eat. We arrived at about 2pm and were greeted by Gary Baxter the course builder for the show. Gary has been building showjump courses for many years. It was so lovely to catch up and go back to the days when many of us were teenagers.

Team Joyce yards at Swan Hill Show

3 yards and 2 portable stables all set up and ready to start jumping

Gary used to build world cup tracks back in the 1990’s

Wes and Gary enjoyed reminiscing about how things were many moons ago. They then discussed how great the Beast looked for her age at 32 years. Gary actually built our truck as well. He really is a very skilled man with many talents. Carole his wife is also very knowledgeable now judging at many events. They travel together with a set of jumps and can provide shows with the services for a well organised showjump event. Husband and wife working together a great package if you ask me. So if you are looking for a whole package for your next show give Gary & Carole a call.( PM me for their phone numbers )

Real agricultural feel at the Swan Hill Show

Swan Hill was different to Horsham Show, in a good way. They had many attractions in full swing with the usual rides and stalls for the public to enjoy. Our young horses really took all the action very well. Going to Horsham first was a blessing it helped them to adjust. The oval was blossoming with lush green grass it looked like it had been immaculately kept. Gary had plenty of room for his course and the warm up. I was on at 8.30am with Lil in the 60cm.

My Wezzy happy to watch me jump ring side

My Wezzy happy to watch me jump ring side

Lil & I jumped in the 60cm & 70cm

Wes pumped me up all  morning preparing Lil and I for our session. He was so wonderful patiently waiting with me, I arrived to early but needed to ride around to relax lol. On course I felt like we are going so fast but when I looked at the video I am not by any means. Snail pace to be exact. I am going to slow. For the 70cm I clicked it up a notch. Jenny kindly videoed for me as well. Wes was ok but half way through it all goes black because his finger is over the lens ha ha. I was able to get some actions shots thanks to Jen. I came away feeling totally on top of the world. We had 1 rail. I took her back and gave her so many hugs & kisses bandaged her up and of course gave her a feed.

Wes was very happy with the young ones reactions with all the noise

Wes took all the others out on the oval to experience the real agricultural hype. LH Greythorne & LH Voltaren jumped 2 super rounds. Wes opted not to do the jump offs as they were only there for the experience and had done plenty at Horsham. This whole trip was about exposure. We are so grateful that there is such a thing as the Wimmera run. How else do we as breeders get our babies started. The show societies do a wonderful job creating events for us to go to. The camping at Swan Hill was outstanding as were the show committee.

Its a wrap

Driving home was very enjoyable, Wes & I love to spend that time chatting about our future plans. We have so many wonderful young Volta babies coming on and cannot wait to bring them out. The wait is so long but the rewards are so fulfilling, especially as a family unity. Our next outing is the Boneo Cup & Australian Showjumping Championships with our champion stallion Oaks Volta. Have a look at this spectacular pencil artwork in progress. By Maureen – have a look at her work on Facebook & Instagram .

Team Joyce are looking very forward to the end result stay tuned…

Artist is Maureen Joy Harley