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Saddling up Oaks Volta for the 1.30m

Choose worthy Sires

Breeding is a long process evolving over many years. People that have bred horses over a long period of time will know all to well that being able to produce just one champion is a lottery. Persistence is one part but making sure you choose worthy sires is first and foremost. Deciding on which stallion […]

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Oaks Volta looking very impressive over the 1.35m oxer

Seasonal offer

Team Joyce are offering a special Seasonal Offer for a service to our Grand Prix Warmblood stallion Oaks Volta. With the breeding season fast approaching many people will be searching for a well PERFORMED PROVEN WORTHY SIRE. Volta ticks all those boxes. Let us not forget that the Sires Dam is also very important. Many […]

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This pair are made for one another

Horseland Tack Talk

Hello Team Joyce are excited to announce Horseland Tack Talk. We have many reasons for using things around the stables. It could be related to the tack feed or just something to make a job easier at the Lals Haven Warmblood Stud. Let us discuss all the options in Horseland Tack Talk. Team Joyce are […]

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Look at how sharp he is at only 2yrs

LH Voltaren

Team Joyce are very excited to offer home bred  LH Voltaren for sale we feel he will definitely do our stud proud. Voltaren’s sire is the famous Oaks Volta. He is an absolute gem to handle in every way. It surprises us with how cool calm and collected he is about being handled and ridden. […]

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Love this pair

LH Queenie

Team Joyce decided to place LH Queenie up for sale due to a change of circumstances. We were going to keep her for Tiffany but there is no need becasue she is the proud owner of LH Johnny. This mare has a kind willing nature both on and off the ground. LH Queenie reluctantly FOR […]

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