LH Sold performance horses and Volta progeny

Tarwin Grove Floriana (Fidertanz/Accimedes) with her baby Tarwin Grove Vincetta (by Oaks Volta)

Team Joyce really enjoy hearing all the updates about our LH Sold performance horses and Volta progeny. Breeding is a long task with many ups and downs , the same goes for getting a new horse. You will experience many different phases, the good thing about buying a Lals Haven Warmblood is that we provide after sales care & support. Many of our customers keep in touch and send the latest goings on. Sometimes it helps to just chat and find out other peoples ideas becasue all horses require different techniques as they all possess different personalities.

Wes & Volta

Our handsome Oaks Volta has produced lots of stunning progeny for the future. Here we have LH Voltaren & Vincetta. Please read on for more information about LH Sold performance horses and Volta progeny

So which LH Sold performance horses and Volta progeny are we talking about today?

LH Clarissa, LH Greythorne, & LH Queenie now named Quintell all LH Sold performance horses. Plus Vincetta a very handsome gelding progeny of Oaks Volta.

Cherie’s message about LH Clarissa

Clara makes us smile all the time and I get a tingle every time her and Lily are together whether it be at home or out and about. Such a special mare, trusting and kind. No arguments yet and Lily is working on getting her to stand still while she gets om with huge success. Clarissa nearly gets it !. Her latest jump lesson went beautifully ( to be expected ) and Lily enjoyed herself immensely. Again floated like a dream and took in her surroundings easy peasey with the odd look but nothing silly. Copes very well with other horses cantering around in paddocks, dogs, ducks, gala’s, chickens and everything really. We have a very busy place where we are at and she is most chilled even with kids and ponies roaring a round. Subjected and molly coddled to everything we can think of and she takes it all in her stride. Super impressed.We are looking very forward to a clinic and our first competition coming up soon. Loving this horse oh so much and thank you both xxx

Lily is having regular lessons and exposing Clara ( her home name  ) to many new places

Clarissa & Lily already jumping


These messages are what makes our job worth while – we try to produce quality horses

LH Greythorne is with Aiden and they are doing so well. Even though LH Greythorne is 5 years old he is just a baby. Aiden has a lot of work to do in bringing him on. Because Rick has not been out much and experienced a lot Aiden realises it is a longer term project and is has the time to put into Rick ( his home name ) . Quote from Aiden – Just got back from a ride up the road and he handled it all like a pro.He is super with everything so far, very happy 🙂

Aiden & LH Greythorne

Aiden & LH Greythorne forming a great partnership

LH Voltaren stayed with us for 2 months after the initial sale to give extra support

Many of you have seen the updates of Louis & LH Voltaren. Here are some pictures from him now at his new home at Matuvu Stud.  Vee said he travelled beautifully and settled in well. It was the first time in the float – he has been on our truck many times so we thought he should be ok. The very next day Louis rode him down the road to the next door neighbour who has a massive indoor. It was blowing a gale  inside

Louis and LH Voltaren are becoming best mates

Louis and LH Voltaren are becoming best mates

We really enjoy hearing from Alikra updating us on her handsome Vincetta ‘ progeny of Oaks Volta

These quotes are from Alkira ” Little Vinny has finally come to live with me!!! He was a very brave boy getting on the float yesterday and he fortunately had Gilda my pony to show him the ropes and buddy up with prior to coming to the farm. He is very happy eating and settling in nicely today ? I just can’t get over how cute and well behaved he his!!! Thank you very much to Cath Tarwin Grove Equine Vet Clinic and Warmblood Stud for doing everything you have done for myself and Vince to get us to this point. I promise Vince will continue to get spoilt and treated like royalty! Little Vince is probably never going to realise how special he is and how happy he has made me.”

Have a quick look at how quickly Vincetta settles into his home with Alkira

Tarwin Grove Floriana (Fidertanz/Accimedes) with her baby Tarwin Grove Vincetta (by Oaks Volta)
I have to keep pinching myself that this little stunner is my future riding horse!!

Tarwin Grove Floriana (Fidertanz/Accimedes) with her baby Tarwin Grove Vincetta (by Oaks Volta)

Tarwin Grove Floriana (Fidertanz/Accimedes) with her baby Tarwin Grove Vincetta (by Oaks Volta)

LH Queenie known as Quintell owned by Steph

Quintell was not bred by Lals Haven but purchased at 2 years of age. She was bred by Fernhill Stud. Wes has broken her in and both Tiffany & Wes rode her under saddle at home and at a few competitions. Steph was looking for a young horse to bring on. Quintell was the perfect candidate, both rider and horse are petite. They really do suit one another. They are going very well under the wonderful guidance of Marion Sheers. We have seen these two out and wow it is fanulous to see how far thy have come in such a short time. Steph quotes

” I just love her attitude, so honest and trusting and just loves jumping! ? We are very excited about her future with us!

Steph & LH Queenie now named Quintell sure to be a pair to watch in the future

Steph & LH Queenie now named Quintell sure to be a pair to watch in the future