First time out for LH Voleta

LH Voleta

Team Joyce were so pleased to be loading our home bred youngster LH Voleta onto the float this afternoon taking her for the very first venture out away from home. Tonimbuk Horse Trials organised a Twilight Freshamans to be held indoors. Wes was going to take Cera Ducati but he decided to go over and see how the afternoon was run first. Then we would have a really good idea on exactly how we would plan his outing making sure it was a pleasant experience for all. The starting time was 5pm with the height set at 50cm. This was a perfect start for Tiffany and LH Voleta.

First time out for LH Voleta

She floated over very well. Wes had to push quite hard to encourage her to back out but eventually she relented. Tacking up was easy as was warming up. Voleta stood patiently waiting for her turn to jump. Tiffany rode her so well making sure every approach was giving her the best option to look & jump. We decided two rounds at 50cm was enough for her mainly becasue she completed it all with no fuss. Finished and reloaded all within 30 minutes. Wes and I are very fortunate that both girls work with us to produce our home bred performance horses. Tiffany has done a remarkable job on LH Voleta.

The twilight freshmans was very well received by many riders

Off loading at home was a lot easier. Definitely looking forward to another twilight freshmans as this means Team Joyce can still venture off to the showjumping competitions on weekends. Thank you Tonimbuk Horse Trials for running Freshmans enabling us to train our young performance horses. This 4yo 15.2hh mare is sired by our performance stallion Oaks Volta her Dam LH Abbey /Sire  BJ Kaento Artemis / Sire Argentinus.  Stay tuned for more updates – will be For Sale 🙂

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