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Cera Ducati AWHA

Stallions that have passed colt selection with the AWHA are listed as Approved until they meet the licencing criteria. Classification is the process by which breeding stock is assessed for their genetic potential. Stallions are assessed on type, conformation and movement (i.e. Correctness, impulsion, swing and rhythm). Stallions are also assessed on their jumping style, scope and technique. Classification is not simply an assessment of your horse but determines the category of the the studbook that the stallion and their progeny qualify for.

Proud to announce Cera Ducati has passed the colt selection with the AWHA

Cera Ducati is by the world famous Sire Diamant de Semilly. A DIRECT son , “How many direct stallion sons are there in Australia?”. Not to many if any…..Team Joyce will offer limited services to our grand AWHA Approved Stallion next season. Chilled top quality semen will be available.

We have two stunning fillies on the ground LH Dulcea & LH Della.

If you are looking for an Imported stallion with impeccable blood standing at 16.3hh now and still maturing then Handsome is for you next season.

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