Oaks Volta updates

Oaks Volta looking very impressive over the 1.35m oxer

Seasonal offer

Team Joyce are offering a special Seasonal Offer for a service to our Grand Prix Warmblood stallion Oaks Volta. With the breeding season fast approaching many people will be searching for a well PERFORMED PROVEN WORTHY SIRE. Volta ticks all those boxes. Let us not forget that the Sires Dam is also very important. Many…

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8 years since we trekked interstate

Team Joyce ventured off with our stallion Oaks Volta for some much needed showjumping competition training of a different kind. It has been 8 years since we trekked inter-state. Boy did it feel good to drive away , relax and enjoy new views and meet new people and catch up with  our old ones to.…

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Sarah proudly rode Oaks Volta today

Sarah proudly rode Oaks Volta

I must admit I was a little nervous when Wes said out of the blue , ” Hey Sarah  do you feel like riding two horses today?”. She replied very quickly with a ” Yes dad sure but who?” her dad replied ” The stallion of course”. Sarah proudly rode Oaks Volta today and enjoyed…

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Wes goes eventing

Yes I am proud to say Wes goes eventing,on who you ask well Oaks Volta of course. He has not evented since the Pony Club days. The thought came into his mind after he came to watch me have a Dressage lesson with LH Lily Puss. Who would have thought a showjumper would make the…

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He loves the kisses on the muzzle

Latest news Oaks Volta

Horsezone have kindly posted a write up about our handsome Oaks Volta please read the latest news Oaks Volta. Wes and I still pinch ourselves wondering if this great ride will continue. We are stoked to think Volta is getting better with every outing. He is proving to be a special horse Please click this link…

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